Call to the Badminton Hall

Do you hear the call to the badminton hall?

That’s the game with a racquet and without a ball!

Did you play as a kid, did you play it before, or

Are you new to the game so many adore?

We’ve 14 teams in Carrigaline, from total beginners to the ridiculously sublime.

Our list of trophies is very extensive, and the price of the game is less expensive,

Than gym membership, a car service, a weeks shopping or ill health,

so come along and give it a belt.

We’ve played at all levels for the county of Cork, Rebels indeed with a shuttlecock.

We’ve 150 members, all colours and creeds and the club’s run to a professional degree.

Voted Irelands number one club in 2011, by Badminton Ireland at a national level.

There’s juveniles, seniors and in-betweeners, at Carrigaline Badminton just waiting to meet you.

So shake a leg, and try your hand at the smashing game of badminton.

Maybe you’ll win, maybe you’ll lose, maybe you’ll even get to choose.

Maybe you’re scared, maybe you’re bored, maybe you’ll even choose to ignore us,

But keep us in mind, keep it fresh in your head and come along to our club nights instead.

On Wednesday or Sunday from 8:30pm you’re all very welcome to join in.

Winding along the road to Crosshaven, is a hall dedicated to just badminton.

There’s three polished courts, all carefully maintained and lined out for the beautiful game. The season has started so shuttle along and join in with the family fun.

Singletons and families are as welcome as couples, and it’s even been rumoured that relationships have blossomed.

So try it out now and take a look, or even just befriend us on Facebook.

We can be found on the web or the internet, so Google us now to see what you get.

If you can’t find the hall then contact me, through

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