Note to Team Captains

The following notes are for team captains and are instructions from CCBA.

1. Score sheets must be fully complete, i.e. must contain all of the following information: Both Club’s names, Division, Section, Play-by Date, Date and Time, both teams names i.e. the name of those who actually played the match, players of each team with individual grade and computer number, captains to put in a telephone number when signing the sheet so they can be contacted if there is any query, fill in score sheets with either black or blue pen.

2. Only players on the submitted team panels can play in a match. For the handicap cup the following players cannot play on a handicap cup team unless they have played at least 50% of the league matches: Players graded higher playing down with an individual handicap or players who did not play in Cork competitions the previous season. Panels can only be changed by getting permission from the League Secretary. Only requests contained in the CCBA Change of Panel form will be considered.

3. No player may play down on a team unless permission is explicitly granted by Council. The current play down list for all clubs is shown on the Play Down List 2011/2012 page. Any team who plays a player from a grade above without special permission from council will forfeit their match to love.

4. All mixed teams may play 3 or 4 Ladies and 3 or 4 Men.

5. League score sheets must be sent by the captain of the winning team within 48 hours of date of completion of the round to Liz O’Donnell to the address below. Points in leagues will only be awarded to teams who send in score sheets on time, the only exception being where teams receive special permission from the League Secretary to play a match at a later date.

Liz O’Donnell, 50 Nova Court, Carrigaline, Co. Cork.
Phone: 021-437 2075

A copy of the mixed score sheet can be downloaded here. Score sheets can also be found on the Cork County website.

6. Cup Score Sheets: Score sheets for cup matches must be sent to Liz within 48 hours after date of match (i.e. not 48 hours after play by date).

7. All league matches must be completed by 12th February 2012, except 7 team sections to be finished by 26th February 2012.

8. All captains should be familiar with the Cork County League and Competition Bye Laws. David McGuirk has a copy of the Badminton Rule book should any captain have any query.

9. Clothing Rule: Change to BUI Rule to be confirmed.

10. Over the last few years there has been an increase in bad conduct and language during badminton matches. Council is very concerned about this matter as it brings the game into disrepute and will take action against offending players and/or teams. Umpires of matches should and must control matches.

11. A €50 fine will be strictly imposed on a club for every match conceded this season i.e. where a walkover is given.

12. Matches can only be postponed with the permission of the relevant League Secretary:

Mixed League: Betty Thompson, 25 Hillview, Carrigaline. Mob: 087-6926205.

Ladies League: Marguerite Galvin, 13 Dun Orga, Dunmanway. Mob: 086-8070823.

Mens League and overall League Secretary: Mick Higgins, Cecilstown, Mallow. Mob: 087-6564004.

13. The following applies to league matches:

Single Section

Four teams: The top two teams play in the final.

Five, six or seven teams: top team qualifies for the final, second and third place teams play in the semi-final.

Two Sections

Semi-Final: Section 1 Winner vs Section 2 Runner-up. Section 2 Winner vs Section 1 Runner-up. The winning semi-finalists play in the final.

Three Sections

Quarter Final:

I a Section Winner (bye)

II a Section Winner (bye)

III a Section Winner vs a Section Runner-up

IV a Section Runner-up vs a Section Runner-up

Semi-final: Winner I v Winner III. Winner II v Winner IV

14. In a league match, a team that wins more games than the opponent is deemed to have won the match. The winning team is awarded two points and the loser zero points. When both teams win the same number of games, the match is deemed to be a draw regardless of the number of sets and aces won by each side. In this case, each team is awarded one point. In the case of a tie in the number of points earned by teams, section ranking will be based on the total number of league games, sets, aces won (in this order).

15. Home teams must supply shuttles. All quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals will be held in neutral halls. Shuttles are shared between teams during quarter finals, semi-finals and finals.

16. Championship cup quarter finals to be played by 26th November. Semi-finals on weekend 4th December. Finals on weekend 8th January 2012. Please return all championship cups ASAP to any member of council.

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